Easy step to Sell Online



You can sell at MTJCART on following conditions to fullfill.

a) You must have physical good number of inventories. 

b) You should sell the products from our list and not comes under the product we have banned.

c) You are authoriesed to sell the products from the organisation and fullfilling the Indian Govenrment Rules of doing bussiness. 

d) You must have good quality images of the products. 



On fullfilment of the above conditions, you can sell and earn at MTJCART INDIA. 

You have to complete the seller regitration filling correct and full details about you. Your Seller account will be approved within maximum 48hours. You will be notified by email on your account approval. You will be called by the Seller Support Team for your verification as seller.

Now you are a rigistered seller at MTJCART INDIA.