To Promote Indian Manufacturer Brands

Our main aim is to promote Indian manufacturers to register and become a brand on our marketplace. We wish to give the best and easiest facility to the sellers  .

Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvements

We are sharing the knowledge to the Sellers to earn more and fast and improving our technology and tools to help seller and partners to achieve the desired goal on time and get more earnings.

Become Fair Rate Marketplace in India

We wish to provide fair rates to the buyers. And so we have very very very low margin from the sellers. So that seller can sell their products cheapest from other marketplace and hence we create a Win-Win situation for buyers and sellers. We wish to become the best quality and fair rate marketplace in India.

To be a Best Company to work with

Mtjcart.com is creating such an environment so that in future it become the best company to work with. We inviting the partners, dealers, manufacturers and promoters to be partnered with us by register as Seller, Affiliate and Advertiser on our website. 

Our Values

Courage and Spirit

We wish that every mtjcartian should have courage to make change and become the best.

Quality and Innovations

The quality and Innovations are more concern with the customer and sellers smile.

Team Up and Integrity

We wish to become a team and make a success in the new era of the marketplace.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Mtjcart.com wish to collaborate its partners, sellers, and advertises to collaborate to share their knowledge in the healthy aim. 

Customer Trust & Efficient Service

To gain the customer trust with supplying the quality products. Secure the customer information and deliver the product on time. Secure payment processing and to provide the #1 support 24/7. Improving the storefront and customer needs.